A virtual reality experience of the Anne Frank annexe as it would have appeared to her

This project is a virtual reality experience of what the annexe would have looked like to Anne Frank.
Over time, the story of Anne Frank had been sanitised for an audience that concerns itself with palatability over truth. The aim of these outputs is to strip away the gloss that has been applied to her story and allow the audience to experience the darker aspects behind her experiences.
Digital media is used to provide the user with a level of control over their experiences. By employing virtual reality, the user is given a sense of presence within the Anne Frank story and allowed to direct the narrative. The goal of having a self-directed narrative is to convey to the user the feelings Anne Frank would have experienced during her time in the Annex. Although not traditionally associated with visual communication, virtual reality is a viable medium for design. It affords the designer a blank canvas on which to work as design codes and conventions have not yet been established for it. By using virtual reality, the amount of perceived mediums that are applicable to design is expanded.
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