761: Virtual Gallery

A virtual typographic museum space created for the 2015 ISTD brief "Eyewitness Account". Awarded a pass

ISTD submission, App outcome. Awarded a pass
761: A virtual typographic experience of the Anne Frank diary, has been constructed to bring a new perspective on the diary of Anne Frank. The 761 virtual gallery is an exploration of the Anne Frank Diary with the number representing the amount of days Anne Frank spent within the annex during her time in hiding. The user is given full control over the experience through the use of a game controller.
The decision was made to take the eye witness account from Anne Frank’s diary as although many children are exposed to the diary, they do not fully comprehend the magnitude of the story. Thus the case was made to reinterpret the diary and present it to an older audience.
The aim of this project was to create a space in which a user can use both physical and digital media in order to have a new and self-directed experience of specific diary entries of Anne Frank.
The main theme that runs through the diary is one of secrecy and hiding and this is displayed in the virtual space using a number of visual methods. Firstly, perspective is used within each sculpture to selectively show and hide the type and secondly, certain sculptures have kinetic movements that distort and obscure the type. This idea is then extrapolated into the physical book through the use of cut outs and semi-transparent paper.­­­
To provide a different interpretation of the diary, emphasis is placed upon the relationships she experiences within the annex. This is achieved through the construction of three dimensional sculptures that are inspired by the writings of Anne.
The virtual gallery space is divided into four separate rooms, each colour coded and labelled. Each of these room corresponds to a particular chapter within this book and it’s associated sculptural numbering. The full meaning behind each sculpture can thus be fully explored, while the provided diary entry provides a background to the sculptures inception.
Architectural runthrough of the interactive virtual gallery space
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